We get lots of emails from our families filled with praise for our classes and staff — words like fantastic, quality, wonderful, perfect, fabulous, incredible and inspiring. We greatly appreciate these comments and thought you might want to see them too. Here are just a few!

My heartfelt thank you for providing such wonderful program for my niece and her friend from Japan. They not only experienced wonderful cooking, but also the entire environment was nothing but precious memories for 12 year olds who never visited the US before. For sure they will remember this experience forever. Amazing thing is that when I requested them to cook for me on Friday night (after 5 days of cooking classes), they prepared elaborate full course dinner with all the dishes they learned at the camp (and more!!). I was totally flabbergasted!

Mihiko Tokoro

Cooking Camp was fantastic! Our daughter, Ellen (age 7), had a great time and learned a lot. I am amazed that she can now read the measurements from a recipe correctly and knows the difference between baking powder and baking soda. I appreciated that the recipes in the program were not dumbed down for kids, but quality recipes from scratch. All of the chefs who worked with the kids were wonderful!

Leslie Tirapelle

I have to tell you that my daughter had the time of her life ths past week at Cooking Camp! My husband and I were so impressed with the organization and the wonderful staff. Melody was so proud of her creations and she met some really nice kids. Thanks for creating an opportunity for children to be in a professional culinary environment!

Dawn Hollis

My son , Aric, was in the afternoon Baking class and loved it! He is 13 years old and this is the most excited he has been about anything in a long time. He said the chefs were wonderful and were very helpful in answering his questions. He asked to attend this program because he thinks he may want to pursue culinary school in the future. He was concerned that this might be more "playtime" than actual instruction but was thrilled when he experienced the professionalism at the school. It's great to see him passionate and focused. Thank you for a great start to his summer...and possibly a career!

PJ Attebery

Victoria loved cooking camp!! She was soooooooooooooo excited about her daily creations. Each day was a new "adventure" of eating for all of us! I can't think of anything that you could do differently. The program is perfect just the way it is! Thanks for offering such a wonderful opportunity for kids. We will definately be back!

Linda Moca

My girls LOVED Cooking Camp. This is a tough age (13) to keep them focused and interested and I think you did a fabulous job. When I picked them up the first day, they talked non stop about all the things they had learned. I was truly amazed at how good all the food was as well. I want to thank you for providing this outlet for my girls this summer. Thank you!

Kimberly Shapiro

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience you provided our daughter Lanna with.  She had a GREAT time.  Everyday she came home so proud and happy!  It was a really incredible confidence building experience for her. She can't wait for "Chocolate Week"!

Seana Pathman

My son learned technique, vocabulary, process tips and came home more proud of that than the delicious samples he had to share. (And thanks for your generosity in that regard, there's nothing worse than not enough to go around!) Timothy couldn't have had a better experience and we can't wait for the next summer!

Judy Bergstresser

Cooking Camp was just fantastic!! We have tried other cooking camps and there was not enough hands on experience. Here the kids got to do as much or as little as they chose to do. The instructor was really excellent with the kids and had just the perfect touch to engage their interest!! The assistants were really nice and actually very hands on with the kids!! I give Cooking Camp 5 stars.

Cathy Russell

My 13 year old son has thoroughly enjoyed his two sessions at your cooking academy! He has come home excited and interested in the art of cooking and preparing and more importantly, sharing that with others. Thank you for putting together a program that actually delivers what it has promised. From the well-designed logo embroidered on the charming apron and chef's hat, to the detailing recipes that have followed, I have been impressed with the level of introduction and coordination, which I have not found in most children's programs around town. Keep up the good work! P.S. It was great to see so many boys enrolled!

Monica Santino

The Cooking Camp was an incredible experience for our daughter. I appreciated the fact that the menu was varied and gave them an overall great knowledge of different types of foods. The instructor was excellent and gave the students the ability to experiment and create some of their own ideas through cooking. This was a great experience and definitely one that we will recommend and return to.

The Coverrt Family

My daughter Julia had a wonderful experience last week at cooking camp!! We wouldn't change a thing. She is a serious cook and the camp was so professional. Thank you for making this summer fun, exciting, and educational for my kids. (Maybe my cooking days are numbered....now if only I can find someone to do the dishes!!)

Elana Bernotas

I have to say it was my daughter's best experience ever! Leanna attended three weeks of cooking camp and loved the chefs, loved the food and loved the independence. It has even inspired her to maybe become a chef.

Rosanne Schouten

My son Ian had such a great time! The experience, the wonderful food and the friends he made. I couldn't wait everyday to pick him up to see what he cooked and to taste it. The smoked chicken and the chicken and dumpling had my top vote, the desserts were devine. I was told by my husband and older son I wasn't allowed to eat anything on the way home so they could jump in too. I will be catering a small wedding in September and my sous chef will be at my side.

Susannah Tomlin

Emily had a great time at cooking camp both of the weeks she attended. When I asked her (at the end of it all) if she still thought she might like to be a chef, she said, "Momma, I don't THINK I want to be a chef, I KNOW I do." So I definitely would say that her experience was wonderful.

Emily's Mom

I thought the program was absolutely wonderful! Everyday Sofie came home so happy! She loves cooking at home and this program gave her so much more confidence in the kitchen. Sofie told me, she didn't like it, she loved it! Thanks so much for making this experience such a happy and wonderful experience. She has already asked us if we would sign her up next year, and we will!


I can't thank you enough for having this camp available for kids. Alyssa completely enjoyed it and is wanting to go back next year. She has been a picky eater at times and if things had to many "spicy" things, she wouldn't eat them. She now realizes how important it is to use onions and garlic and other herbs. She used to despise Mexican food (we are Mexican) and she actually ate her rice, beans and tacos! (woohoo) So, thank you so much. We will be having a dinner party this weekend and using recipes from the book!

Sylvia Vega

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